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Trainee Programme


The China Office Analyst Trainee programme is open to all students enrolled in a Finnish university or those who have graduated within the past two years from a Finnish university. Preference is given to Finnish university students who have shown a commitment to a China-focussed career by for example pursuing Chinese language studies.

The goal of the programme is to provide aspiring Finnish China specialists hands-on experience of identifying sources (in English and Chinese), choosing topics for business executives, and writing analysis. Analyst Trainees are welcome to special briefings and roundtables with special guests, and to most internal team meetings. Admin tasks and events organising tasks are an integral part of the role; trainees need to learn the practical side of the work at the China Office and be useful to the Office Manager. However, compared to many other work places, the traineeship’s focus is on learning how to do research and write concise and coherent analysis.

This Analyst Trainee programme with its goal of nurturing the next generation of Finnish China-analysts is an important public service that the China Office provides. It was agreed-upon at the founding of the China Office; and has evolved into a significant facet of the China Office’s public image.

During the five-month employment period each trainee is given an opportunity to conduct a small research project. If the project’s end product is of excellent quality, a 2-page article based on the project’s findings will be disseminated to shareholders. Two such articles by Analyst Trainees were disseminated in 2023.

Analyst Trainees are recruited in November and May. Two trainees are offered 5-month, half-time contracts, and start work 1 Feb and 15 August. The trainees alternate between 3 working days and two working days.

The Trainee programme includes informal get-togethers to discuss developments in the PRC. These are hosted by the Chief Analyst twice annually and all China Office trainees, past and present, are invited.


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Data point of the week


year-on-year increase of investment in new nuclear reactors in the PRC in 2023, to over $13bn.