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Reflections by former China Office of Finnish Industries Trainee Program participants.

Trainee testimonial August 4 2023

I had the great opportunity to participate in the Analyst Trainee program at the China Office of Finnish Industries.

My work consisted of assisting in analysis of political-economic challenges and developments in the People’s Republic of China, by way of drafting text for the weekly newsletter and conducting research on a wide range of topics, such as industry developments, policy changes, and the economy. I also had the opportunity to conduct a research project of my own choosing for the shareholder companies, with guidance by senior employees.

I was able to hone my research and writing skills during my traineeship and got to meet and speak with field-leading experts and company executives, which helped me immensely in developing my professional skills. I had many opportunities and experiences far beyond of what I would have ever expected for a traineeship, and the guidance given by senior employees helped me in creating a career path for the future. The encouragement, advice, and help from my colleagues will be of great help as I go forward, both professionally and personally.

Frans Silander

Trainee testimonial May 31 2023

I had the incredible opportunity to work as an Analyst Trainee with the China Office of Finnish Industries.

My primary responsibilities involved writing drafts and participating in the editing processes of the materials that were sent to the shareholders. This involved monitoring developments of the latest political-economic trends in the People’s Republic of China and evaluating the effects of geopolitical tensions to the business environment. Assisting in the drafting of various briefs and reports helped me hone my writing skills and taught me to deliver complex concepts concisely.

The collaborative nature of the office fostered an environment of constant learning, in which I was encouraged to ask questions, seek guidance, and engage in intellectual discussions with experts in the field.  I had the opportunity to conduct independent research on a topic I chose in consultation with senior employees, and I was provided with access to a level of external expertise I wouldn’t have had on my own.

In conclusion, my traineeship with the China Office of Finnish Industries provided me with an enriching experience in how to approach business-relevant research through active participation in analysis and writing, and the traineeship offered me a unique vantage point at the forefront of policy developments.

Akseli Mäenpää

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964bn USD

Exports from the PRC to BRI countries in the first half of 2023, exceeding PRC exports to the US, Europe or Japan for the first time. (Bloomberg, Silk Road Briefing)