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1.       What is the China Office of Finnish Industries?

The China Office of Finnish Industries Oy is a private limited liability company, which is owned by 25 Finnish companies as equal partners. The shareholders are engaged directly or indirectly in significant trade, manufacturing and/or other business related to the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The Company does not seek to generate profit for its shareholders.

2.       Why has the China Office of Finnish Industries been established?

It has been established to strengthen the shareholders’ capacity to promote their economic and industrial interests as they relate to China. This is done by deepening the shareholders’ understanding of developments in the PRC, and the geopolitical factors affecting the business environment.

3.       What factors affected the timing of the establishment of the company?

From the shareholders’ point of view, increasing global instability causes changes in the international operating environment. This in turn increases the need for more comprehensive assessments of the political, economic, and geopolitical factors that also affect the PRC’s policy and behaviour.

4.       What does the China Office of Finnish Industries do?

It provides in-depth analysis of developments in China, which are relevant for its shareholders, and it seeks to improve contacts with public and private entities and networks in China, especially with political and business leaders.

5.       What is the China Office’s relationship to the Finnish Government?

The China Office of Finnish Industries is a private company which primarily serves its shareholders. However, the China Office seeks to engage with various stakeholders based on common interests and topics of interest whenever possible. These stakeholders can be both private and public.

6.       What is the China Office’s relationship to the Government of the People’s Republic of China?

To accomplish its goals, the China Office seeks to build and maintain contacts with both public and private entities and networks in the PRC. The China Office does not have a formal link to the PRC Government.

7.       How will the office develop its operations in the future?

The company encourages cooperation with different entities and networks in Europe, the United States and the Asia-Pacific. The Company seeks to support China-related engagement and discussion among different Finnish actors and entities.

The company is investing in future China expertise in Finland by providing employment opportunities and traineeships to aspiring China researchers. See page China Office Trainee programme.

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