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Special briefing on Critical Raw materials, by Dr Julie Klinger, 14 March 2024

In March Special guest Dr Julie Klinger of the University of Delaware briefed shareholder members about Critical Raw Materials including rare earths and the PRC´s evolving policy in these areas.

Dr Julie Klinger is an expert on Critical Raw Materials (CRMs). Her work focuses on the environmental, social, and climate impacts of rare earth and other critical mineral supply chains. Dr Klinger carries out in-depth fieldwork in China, Brazil, and the United States and regularly gives consultation for major corporations on her findings, and how they relate to critical raw materials security. Dr Klinger received her PhD in Geography from the University of California, Berkeley. She currently leads research on critical raw materials including rare earths at the University of Delaware. Dr Klinger is the author of the award-winning book Rare Earth Frontiers: From Terrestrial Subsoils to Lunar Landscapes.

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