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Special briefing on environmental protection in the PRC, by Mr MA Jun, 10 April 2024

In April special guest Mr MA Jun briefed the China Office shareholders about latest developments in environmental protection in the PRC, with a focus on data transparency.

MA Jun is the founding director of the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE), a non-profit environmental research organisation based in Beijing. For over two decades, MA has been at the forefront of efforts to publicise and address the PRC’s environmental pollution challenges.  

Ma was previously an investigative journalist for the South China Morning Post, specialised on environmental subjects, before he eventually became the Chief Representative of in Beijing. Ma’s 1999 book China’s Water Crisis was the PRC’s first major book on the nation’s environmental crisis. 

Data point of the week


year-on-year increase of investment in new nuclear reactors in the PRC in 2023, to over $13bn.