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Special briefing on China’s new (low growth) normal: implications and opportunities for business, by Dr Agatha Kratz, 14 February 2023

In February, the China Office invited special guest Dr Agatha Kratz, Director of the Rhodium Group, to brief board members on China’s future growth possibilities. Dr Kratz shared her views on where China’s economy is heading in the next few years and what implications the probable future growth trajectory has for businesses.

Dr Agatha Kratz is Director of the Rhodium Group, an independent research company, where she heads the China corporate advisory team, as well as its research on European Union–China relations and China’s economic statecraft. She is also a non-resident Adjunct Fellow of the Reconnecting Asia Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington DC. She holds a PhD from King’s College London on Chinese railway diplomacy.




Data point of the week


year-on-year increase in number of students taking the Gaokao, high school matriculation exam, to 13.42 million.

(Ministry of Education)