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Special Briefing about the CPC Party Congress by Prof Kerry Brown, 2 November 2022

In early November, the China Office invited special guest Prof Kerry Brown, Professor of Chinese Studies and Director of the Lau China Institute at King’s College, London, to brief Board members. Prof Brown offered his insight into the direction China’s economic policymaking will take after the 20th Party Congress. He also provided his insights on Xi Jinping’s leadership and the biggest challenges facing China today.

Prof Kerry Brown is the author of almost 20 books on modern Chinese politics, and has written on contemporary China for every major international news outlet. A former diplomat for the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, he has also worked for Chatham House and at the University of Sydney, Australia.


Data point of the week


year-on-year increase in number of students taking the Gaokao, high school matriculation exam, to 13.42 million.

(Ministry of Education)