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Roundtable discussion on the Party membership by Mr Timo Helosuo, 31 January 2024

In January, the China Office invited Ms Linda Jakobson, Senior Advisor of the China Office of Finnish Industries and Senior Advisor Mr Timo Helosuo, Chief Executive Officer of the International IP Law Firm Kolster Oy, to lead a discussion about membership in the Communist Party of China and the implications of membership within companies in the People’s Republic of China.

Mr Timo Helosuo is the Chair of the Finland–China Trade Association and represents Finland at the EU–China Business Association. He is the Chief Executive Officer at IP Law Firm Kolster Oy which was awarded ‘Best international IP agency’ in 2019 by the China IP International Annual Forum. Mr Helosuo has had an international career of over 25 years with multinational companies, including executive positions with Nokia in the US and Finland.


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year-on-year increase in number of students taking the Gaokao, high school matriculation exam, to 13.42 million.

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