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Our goals

The China Office of Finnish Industries is a private company. Our goal is to promote our shareholders’ economic and industrial interests related to China and deepen their understanding of developments affecting the environment of doing business in China. This is done by providing the shareholders with comprehensive assessments of developments in China and strengthening their contacts with public and private entities and networks in that country. We strive to enhance our shareholders’ capability to adapt to diverse situations in their China operations.

Our goals

Our work

The China Office of Finnish Industries provides the shareholders with high-quality assessments of developments affecting the business environment in the People’s Republic of China. Analysis is provided in meetings and in writing via reports and newsletters.

The Company also supports and facilitates deeper engagement on issues pertaining to China between our shareholders and the Finnish public and private sectors. We seek to do that via joint research, publication and outreach projects that aim to deepen our understanding of developments in China.

To further enhance the engagement between our shareholders and business and political leaders in China, the China Office of Finnish Industries plans to establish a permanent presence in China as soon as conditions permit.

To make its work more effective, the China Office of Finnish Industries plans to explore modes of cooperation with China-focused organisations in Finland, across Europe, the United States and Asia.

Data point of the week

192 bn EU

The size of the PRC's food delivery market in 2023, 2.3 fold increase from 2020 (Asia Nikkei).