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Reliable. Accurate.
One step ahead of the curve.

Our mission

The China Office of Finnish Industries was established to strengthen our shareholders’ capability to pursue their interests in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The overarching goal is to deepen the shareholders’ understanding of the drivers of the PRC’s policies and their impact on the business environment.

Our mission

Our values

We put the interests of our shareholders at the heart of our work.

We work with respect.

We approach the People’s Republic of China with neither fear nor favour.

We challenge ourselves to be one step ahead of the curve.

We strive for excellence: accuracy and reliability are key.

We care about the next generation of Finnish China experts.

Our goals

The China Office delivers shareholders comprehensive assessments of political, economic and social developments in the PRC as well as the geopolitical challenges facing the PRC. The quality of the China Office’s analysis should be the best in Europe.

The China Office provides its shareholders with the tools to enhance their agility to adapt to diverse situations in their operations, both in the PRC and elsewhere. The China Office strives to be our shareholders’ partner of choice to provide these tools.

The China Office builds new or strengthens existing networks in Finland, the PRC and elsewhere. Our goal is to provide a safe and useful space for our shareholders to learn from others and share experiences.

The China Office aims to be a reliable partner for shareholders that seek linkages to either the Finnish or PRC governments in China-related matters.

The China Office Trainee Programme seeks to be the most sought-out and comprehensive China-related traineeship opportunity in Finland, to nurture the next generation of Finnish China analysts.

The China Office operates an efficiently run organisation that aims to provide its employees with a safe, meaningful and enjoyable work environment.

Data point of the week


year-on-year increase of investment in new nuclear reactors in the PRC in 2023, to over $13bn.